“Peace begins with a smile”

– Mother Teresa (Before leaving for India I did a Google search on quotes from Mother Teresa. The simplicity of this quote really resonated with me.)

During our first week in Kolkata, the CSC India 19 team visited Mother Teresa’s Mission and Motherhouse. The sisters in the Motherhouse were very friendly and helpful and had a smile for every visitor. You can’t help but feel welcome during your visit.


We paid our respects at Mother Teresa’s tomb within the Sisters of Charity’s Motherhouse and toured the small museum displaying Teresa’s worn sandals, worn utensils and other artifacts. Mother Teresa’s room is up the stairs and displays a crown-of-thorns above her bed.

The house was quiet and peaceful – a nice contrast to the sensory overload of being out on the streets of Kolkata. The noise and activity is really fun to experience but was a bit overwhelming at first.

On the other end of the noise spectrum, but equally interesting, was our visit to the Kalighat Kali Temple – a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali.

Getting to the temple was an adventure in itself. We took the Metro and then walked a few blocks up the crowed streets and through a street bazaar to get there.



We were told that Kali is worshiped much like a human mother and visitors bring her their domestic problems and prayers for prosperity, often returning when their prayers are fulfilled to express their gratitude.

We had a guide to show us through the temple and take us to the Kalighat Temple Tank (Kundupukur), which is situated in the south-east of the temple outside the boundary walls. We were barefoot the entire time which was a bit unnerving. However, I was not brave enough to wash my feet in the water from the tank at the end of our tour.

It was awesome to visit at night so that we could see the lighting colors slowly change.

Image Image

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One thought on ““Peace begins with a smile”

  1. Walking barefoot! You are much more brave than me. Looks like you are diving into the culture and taking it all in. Looking forward to more posts.

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