Ichhe Dana – What a Way to Start our First Weekend in Kolkata

The CSC India 19 team and IBM Kolkata volunteers spent the morning of March 9th at Ichhe Dana meeting with their amazing students.

The children are all very talented and presented Bengali poetry, art, dancing, musical drama, and science. Mikimasa was the star of the morning  with a Polaroid camera to give the children (almost) instant photos. He also led 4 groups of children in making origami cranes and hats. The rest of the CSC team tried to follow along but got lost after the first 3 or 4 steps. The children did so well and successfully completed at least an origami hat.

Elsa brought Salsa music and, with help from Jocelyn, taught several steps. In return, the children taught us Indian Bollywood dancing. The morning was one of the highlights of our stay in Kolkata.


I love my original piece of art! See more photos from our Ichhe Dana visit at flickr.com/jilldaffodil.

Ichhe Dana encourages children continued access to education that they typically don’t receive at their regular school and allows them to develop and grow their talents in language, science, visual & performing arts and reading.

Visit http://www.ichhedana.org.in/ to learn more about this organization.

#ibmcsc India


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