What the heck is cricket, anyway?

I was very curious about the game, cricket, before leaving for India. I’d seen it on TV a few times but had mentally filed it in the watching golf folder. I’m a college basketball fan through-and-through and was a little sad about missing the bulk of March Madness this year. So, I thought that cricket might be a good substitute.

At our hotel in Kolkata the main sport on TV at the hotel is cricket. It was on when I left to go for an early morning run, it was on during breakfast, at dinner the kitchen staff all had their noses pressed to the glass partition so that they wouldn’t miss the action.

I honestly can’t say that I understand much more about the game than I did before I left, but I can say that it is really fun to play! I spent a Sunday morning with the CSC India 19 team attempting to play cricket at the park by Victoria Memorial.


There were so many pick up games going that it was hard to tell where one field ended and another began. With the help of some locals we got one wicket set up and had batting practice. We never actually got around to the running part because it was 100 degrees and 95% humidly. Everyone took at least a few turns at bat and some even tried the bowling position. We had fun laughing together and entertained the regulars with our enthusiastic lack of skill.

We finally ended our game when security came by to chase us off the field. They were filming a Bollywood movie in the park and we were getting in the way of the camera. Maybe one of us might accidentally make it into a scene!

See more photos at flickr.com/jilldaffodil.

#ibmcsc India

Published post trip (PPT) due to connectivity issues in India.


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